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Are Snack Yums™ allergen free?

As allergy-dodging daredevils, Snack Yums™ say "buh-bye" to the 6 top allergens; peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, crustaceans, and fish.

Are Snack Yums™ Plant-based or Vegan friendly?

Snack Yums™ are 100% free of cows, chickens, salmon, pigs, goats and any other animal or animal-derived ingredients. Just a heads up though, Snack Yums aren't Vegan certified.

Is the Snack Yums™ bakery fully nut-free?

No nuts here!

Are Snack Yums™ Kosher?

Snack Yums™ rock the OU-D certification from the Orthodox Union. Why the "D" when we keep our recipes dairy-free? In it's other job, our equipment sometimes hob nobs with butter.

How long do Snack Yums™ stay fresh?

You'll find the Best By date on the super snazzy package. If you can resist the temptation to devour them all in one go, lock down the bag with your favorite chipclip or rubber to guard your fortress of freshness.

Do you offer free shipping?

To make your Snack Yums™ even sweeter, we'll eat the shipping costs for every order over $30.00.

When will I receive my order?

Our parcel packing pixies will get your order all ready for its trip within a day or two of your order. The voyage from us to you should be 3-4 days, but sometimes traffic, weather or planes, trains and automobiles in need of a nap add an extra day or two. If you haven't received your Snack Yums within 7 days of ordering, shoot us an email at hello@thecookiedepartment.com with your order number.

Can I ship to multiple locations in the same order?

Oh, we'd love to perform a magic trick and split your package into multiple destinations, but alas, our postal service isn't quite Hogwarts Express! However. Feel free to unleash your inner shopping spree champion and place as many orders as you desire.

What if my order is delivered damaged or I don't receive the right Snack Yums™ flavors?

Oh no, it sounds like your cookies took a detour! Don't worry, though. If your cookies arrive looking like they've had an unacceptably rough day or if you find yourself staring at a surprise flavor you didn't order (although who knows, it might be the start of a delicious new adventure), just reach out to us at hello@thecookiedepartment.com and we will make sure you get the cookies you really wanted. Because life’s too short for cookie mix-ups!

Do you accept returns?

No. We can't put the cookies back in the oven, but we'll happily bake you some new ones if we made a mistake on your order.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

We do not ship to PO Boxes, so please use a valid street address.

Do you ship outside the US?

Not yet, but the US born Snack Yums™ have no passport for international travel, but if you find yourself in Europe you may find our cousins on store shelves.

Can I change my order?

Well, if our Snack Yums™ team has already fired up the snack assembly line and sent your goodies off on a whirlwind adventure through the shipping world, then unfortunately we will not be able to make any changes, just the consolation prize of enjoying your Snack Yums™ and satisfying those snack cravings!

Can I buy Snack Yums at my local store?

While our delectable Snack Yums™ have yet to grace the aisles of your local grocery store, fear not, dear snack seeker! Keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds primed because soon, we expect that your local store will be bursting with Snack Yums™ goodness.

Do you offer discounts?

Sweet deals on Snack Yums™ may pop into your inbox out of nowhere, just like that slightly annoying but greatly appreciated neighbor that randomly drops by with cookies.

Can I buy Snack Yums™ wholesale or in bulk?

We understand the insatiable craving for Snack Yums™ that can only be satisfied by a mountainous pile of them. So, whether you're planning the ultimate Snack Yums™ party or aiming to build a Snack Yums™ fortress in your pantry, just shoot us an email at hello@thecookiedepartment.com and our team of snack architects will be thrilled to answer your questions.

Where are Snack Yums™ made?

Right here in the good ol' US of A!

Does setting up a recurring subscription give me an ongoing discount?

Absolutely! Subscribing to our Snack Yums™ is like joining an exclusive club where the snacks flow like waterfalls and the discounts rain down like confetti at a parade!

Can I make changes, pause or cancel my subscription?

Absolutely! Think of your Snack Yums™ subscription as your snack genie granting your every wish. Want to add more snacks to your next delivery? Consider it done! Need a snackcation? Just hit pause and take a break from the snackiverse. And if you ever feel like it's time to part ways (though we'll miss you dearly), canceling is as easy as saying 'so long, snacks!' We're all about flexibility, because life's too short to snack on anything less than what you truly desire!

How often will I receive a shipment of Snack Yums™?

Ah, the rhythm of snack time is entirely in your hands. Whether you're in the mood for a weekly snack fest, or even a monthly snack-athon, simply pick the frequency that tickles your taste buds and voilà! Your Snack Yums™ will arrive on cue.

How many Snack Yums™ are in a serving?

Each 1oz serving is a jaw chomping 30 Snack Yums™!