• Thanks vegan snack box

    "I stumbled upon Snack Yums a few weeks ago in my vegan subscription box, and I'm hooked! My kids absolutely adore these snacks. They've become their go-to munchies after school."

    Michael W.

    New York, NY

  • My new favorite snack!

    "I'm eager to try Snack Yums with milk as a cereal. They've already become my favorite go-to snack to take to work."

    Sonny H.

    Smyrna, TN

  • Can't wait to make a TikTok with these

    "I've been having a blast experimenting with Snack Yums. From snacking to creative toppings, these cookies have added excitement to my munching routine. Keep an eye out for some snack-inspired TikToks!"

    Erin P.

    Portland, OR

  • School safe and kid approved

    "As a mom, I'm always on the lookout for snacks that are both peanut-free and plant-based, and Snack Yums ticks all the boxes! It's such a relief to have a delicious option to pack into my kids' school lunches. They absolutely love them, and I love the peace of mind."

    Julia D.

    San Diego, CA

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These snack-able munchies are perfectly bite sized for a mess-free treat - but watch out, once you pop 'em, you might not be able to stop!

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Add an irresistible crunch to your favorite yogurt parfait, ice cream, salad, or bowl of milk to create the ultimate cereal-snack experience!

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